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We are the solution in Europe for reliable and fast financing. Trust us and you will leave happy.



This loan is for anyone who has a specific need for cash, but does not have a pay slip that can justify the ownership of salaried income. This is often the case of young people, housewives, who work illegally or who are unemployed and who have no possibility of obtaining a salary. 



The personal loan is a form of financing that allows customers to meet their personal needs, such as the purchase of a car, the purchase of a motorcycle, debt consolidation, home renovation, purchase of furniture or household appliances, travel and holidays, medical expenses, purchase of a garage; finally, it is possible to apply for a personal loan if only to obtain cash



Are you a young college student away from home? Do you have to buy books or any other study-related materials? No problem, you can decide to return everything in one solution, or wait a year (time to find a job) and pay the amount in installments to be helped in this regard. 


Small Business Loans

Small business loans can be a useful tool for homeowners looking to increase their inventory, buy new offices, or expand or finance their business. The amount of small business loans can range from a few thousand to over a million dollars. If you are planning to take on debt to finance your business, we have the loan program that best suits your specific needs..

About global Investment Bank

For almost 30 years, GLOBAL INVESTMENT BANK has placed the needs of its customers at the heart of its strategy, with the permanent concern of being the bank at the service of all on a daily basis. Our online banking services, loans and credits are intended for individuals of all sectors of activity. Our offers are suitable for any honest person in a difficult situation and for any responsible and serious company. We offer an efficient service that allows you to take advantage of the best rates in the field of mortgage repurchase and mortgage. We offer you tailor-made financial solutions to support the competitiveness of businesses and multinationals. Solutions adapted to your needs: online account management and opening, credit simulation, insurance, savings.

The Bank At Your Side Every Day

Our loans are intended for individuals from all sectors of activity. Our objective is to contribute to the improvement of your living environment and to the realization of your projects in order to support any honest person and in difficult situation.

We provide you with loans on very flexible terms. Our interest rates vary depending on the amount requested and the payment period. Our rates are relatively low and vary between 2% and 4%.
We have conditions of acceptance before any granting of loans. 

Simple, fast and secure
100% online credit

100% of the interest is returned to our professional investors unlike traditional lending organizations

A secure, simple and fast credit: a 100% online request, a response within 24 hours, and an express provision of funds. 

100% of our customers benefit from a fixed rate loan with a fixed repayment term. No hidden costs. 


Our Offers and Services

A range of services for your well-being and customer support at your service.


Do you want to build, transform or renovate your home? Enlarge the rooms in your house? Opt for the home loan

The online request is a secure process with no obligation on your part. It allows you to get an immediate response in principle

Insure your goods and services with insurance. With a varied range of products, we offer you measures to insure you in the event of an incident. 

With personal credit, you benefit from reduced monthly payments, because it only takes into account interest and, if applicable, insurance if you have subscribed to it

Our offers in pictures

Our clients' opinions

Franziska Ackerman

A big thank you for this 20,000 euro loan which was granted to me by Global Investment Bank. Excellent service: Everything is perfect, simple and efficient.


Julien Berger


After study I obtained my credit and my purchase of real estate was materialized and all this thanks to the service of Global Investment Bank.


My husband and I had received a loan of 100,000 euros within a reasonable period of time. I say thank you to Global Investment Bank.


Thank you for your speed and efficiency. Do not worry. The loan of 890,000 € that you gave me will be reimbursed in full, without fail. Thank you 

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